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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  January 24, 2019 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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now in its 34th day, as lawmakers vote on a pair of bills aimed at reopening the government. some workers are still not receiving a paycheck. the u.s. conference of mayors taking place in washington, d.c. the message three are hoping to send when it comes to the neet needs of the bay area. and b.a.r.t. approval rating hits an all- time low. how they hope to bounce back from a scathing report. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and hi, everyone. i'm mank mallicoat in for mike. it is the longest shutdown. tomorrow, hundreds of thousands of workers will miss another check. >> this is the latest in the battle over the border. today, the senate voting on two competing bills to end the shutdown.
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they propose protection against many immigrants for money to build a border wall. >> the democrat bill reopens the shuttered federal agencies, dudoes not include any money for that wall. neither is expected to get the 60 votes needed to pass. >> the bill they put on the floor today, provides not one single reform. for our broken immigration system. until the government is open, the president's actions are hurting hard-working families and putting our security and economy at risk. >> president trump showing no signs of changing his mind about his wall, tweeting this morning, without a wall there cannot be safety and security at the border. or for the usa. build the wall and crime will fall. but democrats maintain there are other ways to secure the border that do not include the $5.7 billion for the wall the president wants. >> we can open up government and debate the issue of how we protect our borders. we all want to secure our
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borders. >> it's time for nancy pelosi to listen to growing numbers not just of republicans but of democrats in congress, who say it's time for her to actually negotiate. put something on the table. >> next week, we will not hear the traditional state of the union address. speaker pelosi refused to allow the president to give the speech during the shutdown. some thought president trump might find another location, but he says he will postpone the address. in washington, lauren blanchard, ktvu, fox 2 news. san jose city council was planning to meet in special session again today, to discuss mayor sam liccardo's plan to help federal workers in the bay area's largest city. >> we are essentially prohibiting the eviction of tenants who depend on these federal programs temporarily until the federal shutdown concludes. >> mayor liccardo wants the council to pass an emergency ordinance, that will extend protection to those who live in san jose. if approved, the ordinance would take effect immediately.
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workers see the mayor's move as a small measure of relief. >> once again, mayor liccardo is stepping up to the plate for the community. >> carolyn bowers, a tsa employee, volunteers there have been working with second harvest food bank, to distribute food to federal employees who haven't received a pay check now for two pay periods. employees are taking their situation to travelers. several employees handing out leaf thes. -- leaflets. the government shutdown has forced more than 10,000 controllers across the country to work without pay. he says staffing is already at a critical low. important safety projects are on hold. and at least one supervisor here in the bay area, has stepped down. >> we're hoping that enough people will feel compelled to reach to members of congress
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and ask them to end the shutdown. >> the faa has more than 24,000 employees working without pay because their jobs are considered vital. beginning today, sam transand cal train are offering free rides to federal employees who are affected by the partial government shutdown. they are available on bus and train routes. federal government workers need to show their employee id cards. free service will remain available during the duration of the government shutdown. new at noon, the u.s. conference of mayors is happening right now in washington, d.c. it's bringing together hundreds of mayors, including san francisco's london breed, oakland's libby schaaf, and fremont's mayor, libby may. the mayor gave the talk about hunger and homelessness. she's also part of a panel discussion, along with mayor darrell steinberg, where she talked about how mayors can make a difference in the lives of people in their cities. >> just imagine the difference
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that we can make. when we make sure that young people at an early age, have the support and the resources that they need, so that when they become adults, they are not the people that sadly end up in situations that we saw for. >> many of the issues the mayor is discussing will be difficult to solve. we spoke live with oakland's mayor libby schaaf. she said a lot of these have no geographic or political boundaries. >> there's a variety of cities and issues but ones like oakland, include seattle, washington, d.c. pittsburgh even. cities that have gone through rapid renewal growth. and people are moving in faster than we can build housing. there's certainly a lot of good ideas out here. and a lot of people are interested in some of the things we're doing here in
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oakland. >> the mayor's conference runs through washington. talking about ways to improve the transit system that includes discussing a survey that shows rider satisfaction is at an all-time low. where that meeting is taking place. good afternoon. christina? >> good afternoon, frank and gasia. comes as no surprise to some people, that customer satisfaction is at an all-time low. they're having a working lunch ask this is on the agenda. riders aren't sure what they're experiencing. they're committed to improving customer experience by the year 2027. >> bart knows, riders aren't happy. >> we have an unsheltered, homeless problem on our hands.
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and we have to figure out how to attack it. >> a b.a.r.t. survey taken last year, shows rider satisfaction is at an all- time low. only 56% of riders are satisfied with the transit system. citing things like homelessness, cleanliness on trains. that's compared to the drops 50 years ago. >> they need more trains. more staff. homeless people are attacking us and being super aggressive. i wish there was more security. >> it's a pretty disappointing transportation system overall. it's definitely not the cleanest. not the most comfortable. >> they are working on improving ideas like adding ambassadors on trains. >> we were not surprised. we certainly wished that the riders felt a little bit of the excitement that we see and some of the initiatives that we have in the new ones we're going to do. but we have to listen to our riders. >> by 2027, they hope to reach
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more people. have cleaner, nice stations. right now, trains are on time. but the bad experiences linger. >> when you walk on that train and it smells to high heaven. and you have a gag reaction. you have to get off the train or ride in it uncomfortable. people are doing that. >> the board has a lot it wants to accomplish this year, with the ultimate goal of creating a better ride experience. >> our focus is on what the customers want. they want a system that is welcoming. >> b.a.r.t. says it wants to address local agencies. live in san francisco, christina rincon. a woman hit and killed in downtown san jose. the driver took off. police tell us a white van struck the woman who was in the crosswalk at the time. we don't know the identity of
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the victim. her name won't be released until her family members have been notified. anyone who may have been in the area or might have some information urged to give police a call. in just over an hour from now. the teenager suspected of severely beating an 88-year-old san francisco woman, scheduled to appear in court. police say there's now video and dna evidence, linking 18- year-old chianti gathron to the attack of yik wong in a park near her home in the visitation valley. police say there's also new evidence showing he committed several more crimes, including carjacking and robbing two teenage girls. >> somewhere, something went wrong. who does that? we have an 88-year-old grandmother who gets brutally beaten. 14-year-old child works robbed at gunpoint. i mean, very bad things. >> police say they found gath ron by tracking one of the
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phones stolen from the teenagers. >> preparing for the next big showcase. and the changes that could come to the way the city performed building inspections. and another day of mass protests. political standoff and how the president is responding to calls for u.s. diplomats to leave. and another beautiful day in the bay area. we are looking towards your weekend forecast to let you know if you can make plans to be outside. your forecast is next.
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new at noon. subpoenaed president trump's former lawyer michael cohen. this comes just a day after cohen postponed from a house committee. in a statement, it does not say whether cohen will comply with the sustain. cohen delayed his february 7th appearance before the house oversight and reform committee on the advice of his defense team. because cohen is still cooperating in special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation. the united states increasingly being drawn into an unprecedented crisis, dual governments claiming victory. >> another day of violence in
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venezuela, as tense standoff conditions with socialist president nicolas maduro, and juan guaido. the white house is siding with guaido. hoping to topple what has been one of the most operative regimes. >> it's an historic opportunity. >> they were also greeted by venezuelan americans here in the u.s. many saying they would be happy to see maduro go. >> this has been the result of years and years of hard work of knocking on so many doors. never giving up. this is a dream come true. >> it's far from certain whether he will continue to control. with the company heading into unchartered waters, both sides are digging in for a long
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fight. >> people are believing again. the people are going to the street. because we are living a daily life that we've never lived before. >> this is a government of social justice. the government that made chavez. the government that has made maduro has achieved significant progress. >> wednesday, maduro ordered all u.s. troops out. the u.s. government has said it will ignore the order. a 21-year-old man has been charged with five counts of premeditated murder, after he allegedly stormed a florida bank and opened fire. zephen xaver. he made his first court appearance this morning. all of the victims were women. police say after the shooting, xaver called 911 and told dispatchers what happened. authorities say the gunman was a prison guard trainee, who had
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just recently quit his job. let's get our first check of weather. kyla grogan is there. it it's a blue bird day. >> it is. i like that, frank. it is a blue bird kind of day. in fact, looking behind me is live drone video. we are looking across the bay here from oakland, to san francisco. isn't that gorgeous? and it really is blue skies as far as the eye can see today. that is the joy of high pressure being in control. what a beautiful, beautiful day it is. okay. that's it. i have to get outside for lunch. i've just made a command decision. temperatures are warming up today. we're at 59 in san francisco. 62 in oakland. got off to a slow start. santa rosa at 58. and check out san jose also in the 60s. same for mountain view. the wind is very calm for the most part. we have a little wind kicking up now in fairfield. 12 miles per hour. everybody else down below that 10-mile-per-hour mark. high pressure is in control. that means any storm systems are going to shoot over us and go to the north.
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more sunshine today. temperatures warming slightly. we're starting to see 60s out there already. and as we head toward the weekend. a few high clouds make their way in. but that high pressure not moving is going to hang out there and keep us dry. and also allow us to warm up a lot more. we could even see 70s this weekend in spots. taking a live look at storm tracker 2. ud can see that high pressure not just keeping us sunny. but literally all the way down, from los angeles to las vegas, down into phoenix. everyone is just basking in that sunshine on the west coast. brearl a cloud in the skies as we zoom in here. we did have a little fog this morning. but that has since dissipated. and now we're looking good. looking out for the 60s today. sunny and nice. we could see 66 degrees for you in santa rosa. about 61 in san francisco. and we're expecting san jose to about 65 as well. you feel the warmth starting to move upwards. and that's the trenched. tonight, though, it will be chilly again. we have the fair skies. heat of the day will be
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escaping quickly. and north bay, 36 degrees. about 44 in oakland. and 41 in san jose. also 30s in concord and livermore. could see patchy fog like we saw this morning. shouldn't hold us back as the sunshine continues to make its way. just to show you on future cast. to hammer the point home. there's your friday at 1:00. more gorgeous sunshine. saturday morning. notice we'll see a few clouds moving in here. saturday into sunday. high clouds, not bringing any rain. certainly aren't going to get in your way. if you want to get outside and enjoy the weather this weekend. it's going to be gorgeous. beautiful today. a little fog possible tomorrow morning. a few clouds out there saturday and sunday. but staying dry as we move into monday as well. notice these temperatures going up, up, up, peaking as we get into that friday, saturday, sunday time frame. just in time for the weekend. i think that will work, gasia and frank. back to you. >> i will second that. all right. thank you, kyla.
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an uber driver, accused of raping a woman is arrested in canada. but her extradition to come back to face charges is being held up because of california's sanctuary policies. >> reporter: authorities say an uber driver raped a woman in his car in san francisco, back in 2017, then fled the country. >> the district attorney wants to bring charges against an individual who is accused of having raped an unconscious woman in his uber vehicle, when he was driving as an uber driver. >> but the case is on hold. the suspect, mohammed ben azaza . they won't extradite him unless the city promises to tell him if the suspect ever makes bail, is acquitted or is no longer facing chargings. >> so that has delayed the able of the district attorney to seek justice for the victim in the case and to prosecute this
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individual. making everyone less safe. >> but at a rules committee meeting, several supervisors agreed to the notification that homeland security under the trump administration wants. even if it means the suspect could be deported. >> this is a narrow agreement we are forced into because of the current administration. it's something we never would have had to do under president obama. >> former supervisor of contra costa county. >> if we don't bring this person back to face trial, he will likely go back to his own country and commit violent acts against women. >> he was removed from the app, as a result of the rape allegations. supervisors say this doesn't mean they're weakening or changing the city's sanctuary law. >> we are not in any way, shape or form, changing our sanctuary law. we stand by our sanctuary law.
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it works. we know it has kept our community safe. >> i asked stephanie, the former prosecutor, if she thinks other connections would have to be made with other criminals. she said she doesn't want to speculate. and it would have to be considered on a case-by-case basis. still to come at noon. a battle to save an oakland school. the protest at last night's school board meeting. and the message from students and parents. ♪ they say you should always listen to your heart. and where better to do that, than the island of ireland? after all, your heart is the best compass there is.
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not a strong day from the dow jones. though it did claw back from some stronger losses. it's on the losing side, but just 34 points. s&p up by half a percent. interesting news. in the past minutes, we have learned that senate democrats have blocked a measure by president trump that would have secured billions of dollars in funding. clearly, it is not going to happen right now. again, day 34 of the shutdown. and the shutdown continues. more on that piece. breaking news coming up. the oakland school board meeting did not go as planned last night, at parents, teachers and students showed their support for their small school. >> when our schools are under attack. what do we do? >> well, they marched at the board meeting. and when they arrived, they loudly told board members, the member school is a special place that should be kept open for the good of the students. took quite a while for the
12:25 pm
crowd to quiet down. but when the school board sat in the healing circle, demanded by the crowd, a two-hour conversation was held that appeared to be productive. and board members say they understand the point of the protestors. >> the questions you ask, are the questions that we plan on asking. >> so i know my vote would note be to close roots. >> board members say the district say its has to do with declining enrollment. no decision is expected on the fate of the roots academy until monday, at the very earliest. new at noon. good news for the city of oakland. as both tourism and visitor spending are up. oakland welcomed 3.8 million visitors in 2017. and they spent $668 million in the city. visit oakland, put together the 2017 economic report for the city. and spending grew 28% year over
12:26 pm
year. the group is also highlighting key accomplishments from last year. including the inaugural oakland art month. including gq to national geographic traveler. >> apple has taken more than 200 of its employees off its self-driving car project. the workers have been dismissed from the team. working autonomous systems. the spokesperson telling cnbc, that others are being reassigned to the company and that they're not losing their jobs. analysts believe the cupertino company is restructuring the project and has no plans to abandon it. apple confirmed two years ago, it was working on driverless cars but has said little about the project ever since. project just announced in san mateo county, designed to reduce congestion on the roads. and those affected by the government shutdown.
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but did you know you could be saving even more? with the tjx rewards credit card - every time you shop at our stores, you earn 5% back in rewards. tjx rewards credit card. an even better value every day. a look at some of the top stories we're following today. b.a.r.t.'s board of directors met to talk about a new approval survey with bad results. the year focused ahead.
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the survey, taken late last year, shows rider satisfaction is at an all-time low. just 56% of b.a.r.t. riders say they're satisfied with the transit system. citing things such as homelessness, security, fare evasion and cleanliness on trapes. that's a drop from b.a.r.t.'s highest mark. washington, d.c. now, the u.s. conference of mayors. san francisco may london breed gave a talk about homelessness and what they can do to help. they discussed the housing crisis and what they can do to help improve the lives of people this their cities. and we are now in day 34 of the government shutdown, as we reported moments ago. we reported the plan to end the partial government shutdown just ended. the gop plan, supported by president trump, would have given him the money to end the border wall.
12:31 pm
the partisan, 50-french47 tally. fell short of the measure over a democratic filibuster. this comes despite increasing urgency, felt by lawmakers to end the shutdown. free gas with a catch. a local gas station owner is giving customers a free fillup. but they have to be free employees. the owner just wants to help this community get through the long government shutdown. for some federal employees, the government shutdown means filling up is no longer an option. gas station owner ray olyea. >> she said, i can't go to work, because i cannot afford gas. and i thought about it and thought, why don't i help them. >> of so he is offering free gas for people who are federal employees who are residents of
12:32 pm
fremont. >> i can get out of the house. i've been staying in the house because i don't want to drive anywhere or spend any more money than i absolutely have to. >> her message to olyea. >> thank you. thank you, thank you, thank you. that's very kind. >> that makes me feel good. makes me cry to be honest with you. >> he is originally sphwr iran. still, he wishes it hadn't come to this. >> i feel sad, we are the richest country in the world and the best country in the world. the best people in the world. we can come together with a small thing, with a budget. it's crazy. >> reporter: for now, he's hoping to lead by example. >> maybe somebody else is hearing me in another city and they do the same thing. >> and winning customers in the process. the owner said he is willing to
12:33 pm
give away $20,000 in free gas. though he may give away more if the shutdown continues. ann rubin. new at noon. san mateo county is looking to increase production on roadways. local leaders and announced the launch of carpool a reward program. including ride sharing. finding car poolers through popular apps. transportation is the largest source of air pollution and a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions here in the bay area. both of which negatively impact the area. by carpooling, commuters help reduce congestion and air pollution, while enjoying an easier ride to work. >> the program is funded in part by the san mateo county
12:34 pm
district. pg&e said it would have to raise prices in order to comply with the request to inspect all power lines. the judges proposed wildfire prevention measure would cost $150 billion. in the 40 filing, pg&e estimates that rates could increase more than 5 times the current rate. that would mean monthly bills would average $835 a month. the hearing is scheduled for wednesday, which is the day after pg&e is expected to file for bankruptcy. in where 30 minutes, some taxi drivers will rally at san francisco city hall. they're going to reconsider new rules that limit passenger pickup at tfo. they will ban people with legacy medallions. newer drivers who bought their
12:35 pm
medallions are not affected. legacy medallion drivers don't like the plan. nay say they could be forced out of business if they miss out on the more profitable airport trips. san francisco mayor london breed is asking the city to prepare for the next big earthquake. high-rise for the comprehensive plan. working to create tougher seismic standards for buildings. the mayor also wants the city to update its policies on how it assesses damage and recovers damage after a major earthquake. u.s. geological survey says san francisco has a 72% chance of getting hit by a 6.7 magnitude or greater earthquake by the year 2083. there's apparently one big name who has a lot of faith in the leaning tower. that would be willie brown. moved into the 58-story
12:36 pm
millennium tower building. according to the examiner. the tower tilting. and several are suing the developer. the paper speculated brown might be able to use his influence as an owner to, quote, fix the building. the san francisco 49ers will get a multimillion dollar payout at the expense of santa clara county. they will get a $36 million tax refund. thanks to the decision by the county tax assessment appeals board. >> reporter: the county of santa clara and school district will pay the bulk of this $36 million refund to the niners after the county tax repeals board, agreed they were overpaying. the 49ers don't own the stadium. the city of santa clara does. but the city does pay taxes based on the value of the
12:37 pm
events at the stadium. the niners argued they should only be paying taxes during football season. but others said it should be during concerts. but now are the team will get a refund of $36 million this year. and going forward, the taxes will go from $12 million a year to $6 million. >> the assessment appeals board just made a bad conclusion. it's a flawed conclusion, i believe, that they came to. it doesn't -- i mean, it's hard to follow. where the the $36 million would come from. >> santa clara unified school district, their 13 million and city of santa clara, $2 million. >> that could be per other things. that's not okay. >> i don't think it's fair.
12:38 pm
we should be putting more money back into our schools, back into our kids. you know, the nfl and the teams, the niners, the bears. they're making tons of money. >> in a statement, the spokesperson for the niners said they agree with the assessment appeals division. and that our focus continues to be on levi stadium. santa clara county tax assessor, larry stone said his county can appeal this decision in superior court. but he has to take time to look at the reasoning behind it, before deciding whether to go to court with the niners to stop this refund. oakland a's are outlining their details of the new site. a's president gave dave cavil said the team wants to redevelop the site after moving the a's to a proposed park near
12:39 pm
jack london square. >> we wanted to honor east oakland. we wanted to make sure that we have an adaptive reuse of the coliseum site. we're keeping oracle arena and building a 40-acre park here. with ancillary development. things like new neighborhoods, locations for small businesses. that can really be a thriving center for east oakland. and an amenity for everyone who lives here. >> cavil said he hopes to have a deal with the city to redevelop the site this year. happening today. it's the kickoff of the national hockey league's all- star celebration. the annual fanfare gives fans a chance to take photos with the stanley cup. test hockey skills. today's highlight will be the nhl hockey mascot face-off. of course, includes sj sharky. it will be at san jose's mcenery convention center.
12:40 pm
tickets are still available for fanfare. event kicks off tonight at 5:00. there's a proposal to tax empty store fronts and residential properties in san francisco. up next, how it's designed to crack down on those who intentionally keep their properties vacant. plenty of sunshine to go around today. beautiful blue skies. but will they last through the weekend? well, i'll have the answers. and we'll talk about a warmup on the way. your weather is next.
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welcome back. a bay area family is looking for closure after a team was shot and killed two years ago in hayward. to this day, the crime has gone unsolved. ktvu's amber lee has more on the vigil held in his honor. >> we have not forgotten. we love him. >> family and friends find comfort in their precious memories of lamar murphy. on this night, a vigil to mark two years since he was shot and killed just steps from his
12:44 pm
home. >> i'm mad because it happened to my only child. i'm mad because we don't know who did it and they haven't found them yet. i'm sad because i don't have him in my life anymore. >> tonya richards said her 16- year-old son loved to sing, smile and dance. but his life was taken suddenly on january 23, 20 17. it was cold and damp at 6:45 p.m. the hayward high junior was riding his bike, on his way home from the store. someone in a car fired at lamar several times. a night etched in the memory of lamar's family. >> kind of just makes me back to me, sitting in my closet, calling his phone to see if he would answer. because it just didn't seem real to me. >> danielle merit grew up with lamar. she said their bond can never be broken, even in death. painful to be here where his life ended but necessary. >> i want to keep his name going. i want him to know that we
12:45 pm
loved him and we still love him. and we will always love him. >> lamar's mother moved out of the area, not long after his death. but said she returns here every month to maintain a shrine at the site and put up flyers, asking for help and finding those who took his life. a spokesman for the alameda county sheriff's department, says the motive for the killing is unclear. and that it's an active investigation. but no man one has been arrested. >> if anyone knows anything, they need to say something. >> one, two, three. >> love you lamar. >> love you, bro. >> amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. the wisconsin teenager who was kidnapped, then escaped three months later, will receive $25,000 in reward money. the money is from jennie-o, where the parents of jayme closs worked. police say they were killed by jake patterson, who then
12:46 pm
kidnapped jayme closs. the company raised money. the president of jennie-o said he hopes a trust fund can be set up for her current ask future needs. >> we have developing news we're working on today for our 4:00 newscast. cal fire says a private electrical system and not cal fire is the cause of the tubbs fire. the tubbs fire broke out in october of 2017. it was one of the massive fires that burned during the 2017 october weeks that were just terrible in the bay area. in specific here, the tubbs fire burned more than 5,000 structures and ultimately killed 20 people. i'd like to correct myself. investigator says it was homeowner's wiring, not utility equipment, that caused the deadly 2017 tubbs fire. not utility equipment. it was homeowners equipment. we're working on this. of course, pg&e is expected to file for bankruptcy in just
12:47 pm
days now. continuing coverage on this news today on the 4. coming up at 4:00. but right now, we have the weekend peeking in. it's thursday. we are a couple of days away. and i think it's looking pretty good, kyla. >> i think you're right. time to make some plans i say. look at this live picture outside now. it's absolutely beautiful in the bay area. we had blue skies in every direction. a little fog. that is dissipated. and now we're off to the races with the sunshine. i wanted to point out, it's a very different story. incredible arctic air, blasterring the midwest. as you can see, temperatures in minneapolis, 5 degrees. i just looked in chicago. with the wind chill, it's minus 7 now. and that's not the only problem happening in the country now. on the east coast, they have a massive rain storm. causing terrible airport delays. because they have 40-mile-per- hour wind gusts. and that's causing 3 1/2 hour delays at la guardia. we're taking a live look at sfo. you can see, it's beautiful out
12:48 pm
there. santa rosa, warming up to 58 degrees. 59 in napa. here at oakland, about 56. liver more and san jose, already in the 60s. both at 61 degrees. we are a little warmer than we were this time yesterday. in many spots. you can see novato is one of them. half moon bay is about 7 degrees warmer. and san jose, about 4 degrees warmer as well. we'll see that trend continue throughout the week. live look at storm tracker 2 shows you there are no clouds out there. it is a beautiful day. it is the entire west coast, being protected by high pressure here that is staying in place. it's strong, high pressure that will keep us dry through the end of the month at this point. as you go throughout the day today. slightly warmer temperatures, getting into the 60s. we'll still have the fair skies with us. and it's going to be a mild but chilly evening tonight. as we get into the 50s 8:00. sunny and nice. these are the temperatures we'll be looking out for. if you look at morgan hill,
12:49 pm
they're getting up to 67 degrees today. tonight, it will be chilly. 30s again in places that we have fog and frost possible. santa rosa, about 36 degrees. san francisco, 47. livermore, you're going to be chilly tonight, too, at 38 degrees. and again, tomorrow, we could have the overnight fog. overall picture. patchy a.m. fog tomorrow morning. possible. but another stunning day on tap. and as far as the weekend goes. you are free to make your plans, because except for a few clouds out there, it is going to be dry and warm. we could even see some 70s in some of our inland communities. likely 60s for most. but it's going to be gorgeous out there. take a look at your extended forecast. you notice the trend is warming as we work our way through the weekend. it's peaking in that friday, saturday, and sunday. as we start to have that offshore flow there. a few clouds saturday and sunday. but we are staying dry. and we'll notice that the overnight lows are finally going to start to pull up into
12:50 pm
the weekend as well. monday, also looking great. i will tell you, if you look at the extended forecast through the beginning of february. looks like we'll have another chance. we'll be dry. >> kyla, thank you. tonight, the marin board of transportation, will decide whether or not to send letters to the caltrans bay area authority. to speed up the process to begin allowing cars on the westbound lane. according to the marin journal. pedestrians and bicyclists will be able to use that by spring. but now, transportation officials are hoping that cars will be able to access that lane sooner. there's supposed to be a four- year trial period. but the metropolitan commission wants to cut that down to 6 months. 82,000 cars use the bridge in the westbound direction every day. san francisco's supervisors are considering attacks on empty store fronts and residential properties. boarded up store fronts have become a common site in san
12:51 pm
francisco. some of the supervisors say landlords are intentionally keeping their properties vacant. try to get higher rent from potential tenants. they are proposing a tax, both commercial and residential landlords with three or more units. if the property is left vacant for six consecutive months, owners would pay $650 a day until the property is leased. >> this is not designed to be a revenue generator for san francisco this. is designed to be a behavior changer for certain problematic landlords. >> if it is approved by the board of supervisors, the measure would if on the november ballot. still to come at noon. breaking hearts this valentine's day. up next, what is happening to a popular valentine's day candy staple. ♪
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palo alto police are asking for your help in identifying two men who broke into a home when people were inside. police say a security camera at the home on elsworth street caught images of both men, eight nights ago. one appears to be a hispanic man with a mustache, wearing a dark-colored jacket and hoodie. at one point, he appeared to have a rifle. the other man is wearing light- colored clothing. but hard to tell details about him. nothing was taken. but if you think you might know the two men in the photos, 25 palo alto police a call. advocacy groups pushing not only federal regulator groups to fine facebook. they also want a breakup of the company. federal trade commission is nearing the end of its investigation into facebook. advocacy groups are having facebook break up. facebook c.o.o., cheryl sandberg, telling people at the
12:55 pm
world economic forum, that facebook is trying to earn back the public trust. legal experts say it's more likely the ftc will fine facebook, rather than break up parts of the company. facebook shares have fallen roughly 33% in july due to concerns about facebook user privacy. understaffing and heavy work loads are putting patients at risk. according to the san francisco examiner, nurses and other hospital workers say it shifts to a lean work flow and has led to a chronic understaffing. they claim it is inadequate interest often leave staff overworked. the hospital has not yet commented on these allegations. tonight in san leandro. a barber shop forum is scheduled to bridge the gap between community and law enforcement. ktvu's paul chambers has led this through open and honest
12:56 pm
conversation. tonight is a kickoff. the forum begins at the reach ash land youth conference center. dow jones appears on track to finish ever so slightly on the losing side, after having some much deeper losses in the session. s&p is up very slightly. nasdaq is up well one-half of 1%. the company that makes the sweethearts, new england confection, neco, went out of business. it was sold to spangler. but unfortunately, spangler said it didn't have enough time to produce a large number of sweethearts. it does expect to have the candy back in full force next year. i liked the messages it used to write. be mine. you're a cutie. >> exactly. they didn't always taste so good. >> right. >> they're kind of cute. >> a lot of nostalgia there i
12:57 pm
think. [ inaudible ] it was here.
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